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VIDEO: Overturning Truck Almost Takes Out Ohio Trooper


An Ohio State Trooper released video showing his close call with an overturning truck in a residential area on September 5.

According to Ohio State Police, a call came in about a semi driving recklessly in Route 4 near Marion. The trooper saw the truck coming and pulled into a driveway to observe it as it passed.

As the trooper watched, the truck driver lost control and rolled the truck, giving the trooper just a few seconds to back away to avoid being crushed.

The truck driver told the trooper that he had looked down at a clock just before losing control.

No serious injuries were reported.

The Ohio State Police say that they hope the video is a good reminder to avoid distraction while driving: “Distracted driving can lead to a crash in a heartbeat. Always keep your eyes on the road. If you’re distracted, you’re not driving!”



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