Trucker David Kulp says that he recorded this because he’s never heard of anyone else doing it.

From his video description: “I deleted this video of backing an 18 wheeler wide open in reverse in high range with a 10 speed RoadRanger transmission, which is about the equivalent of 6th gear forward. So I’m uploading it again. I taught myself to do this decades ago and have never heard of anyone else doing it, so before I retired I wanted to get it documented, otherwise no one would believe me if I told them.

I set the camera on a rock and drove a couple of blocks away, stopped and wound up reverse in low range, shifted to high range and accelerated against the governor and held it there until I passed the camera.

If you want to try it, begin slow and work your way up, because if you lose it you will jackknife is a second or two, then have to explain to the boss how you jackknifed backing up.

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Video Credit:
David Kulp

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