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Walmart Pushes For Driver-Facing Cameras With Pilot Program


Under pressure to protect itself from costly lawsuits, Walmart Transportation will begin testing the use of both forward-facing and driver-facing cameras.

As part of a “soft pilot” program, Walmart has asked for drivers to volunteer to drive with the dual-facing cameras in their cabs. In addition to volunteers, truck drivers from selected offices will have the dual-facing camera technology installed in their trucks on a mandatory basis.

Many drivers have raised complaints about privacy violations with driver-facing cameras. Walmart says that they will decide whether to implement the dual-facing cameras fleet-wide based on driver feedback.

Said Walmart truck driver¬†Gary Mars, “I feel like it is inevitable that it is going to happen just because that’s the way of the industry.¬†To me it only makes sense to have both. If you’re in a court of law and they’ve got your forward-facing camera, and there’s no doubt you maintained your lane, the next question out of the lawyer’s mouth is going to be, ‘What is that driver doing? Why can’t we see what that driver’s doing?

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


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