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Washington Town Bans Trucks From Downtown


As of Monday, the city of Issaquah has banned trucks from cutting through the downtown area after residents complained about the noise and danger posed by the truck traffic.

City Council Votes To Ban Trucks After Residents Complain

In early October, the Issaquah City Council voted 6 to 1 to eliminate all city designated truck routes south of I-90.

Trucks that are not making local deliveries are banned from East Sunset Way, Front Street, Newport Way, and Northwest Maple Street.

Residents Along New Route Worry About More Truck Traffic

Instead of passing through the downtown area, trucks will be routed through State Route 900 and May Valley Road.

Residents who live near May Valley Road have already started to complain about the increased truck traffic. “This level of trucking belongs on state highways that were built for trucks, rather than on county roads that are two lanes and not meant for this volume of truck traffic,” said Issaquah resident Mary Jo Tornberg.

Marina Subbaiah says that she’s concerned for her child’s safety with the increasing volume of semis on May Valley Road: “I don’t want to put my son on a school bus with all the truck traffic.

I-90 and State Route 900 are not included in Issaquah’s truck ban.

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