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Will County To Build Toll Bridge To Keep Trucks Off Local Roads


After a drama-filled social media campaign to keep trucks off of local roads, it seems that the residents of Will County, Illinois, will get their wish.

Toll Road To Connect I-80 To CenterPoint Intermodal Center

Illinois transportation officials have announced plans to build a toll bridge connecting the intermodal facilities in Will County to I-80 via Houbolt Road over the Des Plaines River. The proposed bridge will be two lanes in both directions. The toll bridge is intended to decrease truck traffic on I-55, on Route 53 and on I-80. Around 6,600 trucks are expected to use the toll bridge per day.

The bridge will be built by CenterPoint Properties to give trucks more direct access to the CenterPoint Intermodal Center as a private investment that is expected to cost the company $150 million to $170 million, according to a recent announcement from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

When asked about the toll bridge, CenterPoint says that they are “excited” about the project but they are also trying to “assess the financial feasibility of the Houbolt Bridge.”

Under the terms of the agreement, CenterPoint would be collecting toll money as a means of recouping their investment. Will County will have to vote to allow CenterPoint to do so, however.

It is unclear how much it will cost to use the bridge.

Construction is set to begin in 2017, with the toll bridge opening in late 2018 or in 2019.

Will County Residents Have Pushed Hard To Keeps Trucks Off Their Streets

Residents of Will County have been adamant about getting “overwhelming” truck traffic off of their roads for months now. The Safe Roads Illinois website displays a large counter to show visitors how many residents have been killed by truck traffic since 2014 (2o, they say, as of today).

The website also makes several accusations about how much the community is suffering from the apparent lawlessness of truck drivers. From the Safe Roads Illinois website:

While we support jobs and commerce, we are paying the ultimate price when truckers:

  • Run red lights and cut off drivers
  • Speed, tailgate and slam on the brakes
  • Crash through railroad crossing safety gates
  • Ignore signs and drive in our neighborhoods
  • Disregard weight limits and vehicle safety regulations
  • Disobey law enforcement

Safer Roads Illinois also produced a video series as part of their anti-truck campaign. You can take a look at one of the videos by clicking here.

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