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Wrong Way Big Rig Chase Ends In Strange Standoff


A truck driver led Houston police on a bizarre chase that ended in a standoff with the SWAT team early this morning.

Trucker Refuses To Stop For Houston Police

The incident began around 1:20 a.m. in northwest Houston when police noticed a “Ho Ho Ho Express” big rig driving without headlights on. Officers attempted to stop the truck, but the driver would not pull over. Instead, he led police on a pursuit, driving the wrong way down several streets.

The 32 year old truck driver eventually came to a stop in the 4900 block of Ella but refused to exit the truck.

Driver’s Behavior Baffles Police

Police say that the driver displayed bizarre behavior as he barricaded himself in the truck. He displayed a large knife to the officers and then began acting strangely. He reportedly changed clothes, laid his head on the steering wheel, and refused to acknowledge the officers’ verbal commands.

When the SWAT team arrived on scene, they also attempted to communicate with the driver, but he still refused to exit the truck or to acknowledge their commands. SWAT team members were finally forced to use tear gas to convince the driver to exit the truck.

The truck driver was not seriously hurt during the incident. Police say he may be sent to either a psychiatric center or jail based on the result of a mental health evaluation.

The Houston Chronicle


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