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15 Semi Trailers Worth Half A Million Go Missing


A trucking company has reported that 15 of their trailers worth over half a million dollars have been stolen off of a lot in Tennessee.

Houston-based Crane Freight reported the trailers missing from a shipping yard in Church Hill, Tennessee, on Tuesday.

The trailers are believed to have gone missing between November 2016 and January 2017.

Operations manager Nicholas Tucker told police that he believed that some of his truck drivers were in possession of the trailers. He later learned that this was not the case.

Tucker also told police that none of the trailers, valued at $35,000 each, is equipped with GPS or any tracking equipment.

Crane Freight was leasing the trailers from Milestone Trailer Leasing of Illinois.

Police are asking for help locating the missing trailers. They were all manufactured by Great Dane Trailers and licensed in Tennessee.

The license plate numbers are: U704608, U704619, U704675, U704673, U702008, U707393, U708880, U701482, U707399, U701895, 4528JW, 4432JW, 5103JY, 5025JW, and 4993JW.

If you have information on the missing trailers, you’re asked to call (423) 272-4848 or (423) 272-7121.

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