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VIDEO: Speeding camper flips in front of me


This driver is just trucking along when a black SUV pulling a camper attempts to pass him.

Ramathorn1985 (the driver) captioned this video saying, “Interstate 82 East Bound at the 9 Mile Marker in Washington State. I’m fully loaded at 104,000 lbs with rebar on a set of doubles. Dad and his two kids were ok. Gives you a good idea of how long it takes to slow down a heavy laden truck going 65mph.”

You can see the camper starting to sway when the SUV has hardly passed the front of the truck. The truck driver immediately begins to pull over on the other side of the road in anticipation of a crash ahead.

It appears as though these two drivers are on a long rural stretch of highway. When the SUV cannot gain control, it rolls onto the passenger side and continues to flip.

There is a lot of dirt/sand that is thrown into the air by the flipping SUV and camper, the dust covers the entirety of the roadway. The truck driver is forced to drive through thick clouds of dirt without knowing where the SUV and camper landed.

The truck driver makes it safely to the side of the road and comments, “We got a wreck there, eastbound. Shut her down.”


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