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CVSA to begin placing drivers out of service for ELD violations April 1, 2018


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced that it will begin to place truck drivers out of service for ELD-related violations more than three months after the ELD mandate goes into effect.

CVSA Inspectors Will Delay Issuing OOS Orders For ELD Compliance

The FMCSA’s ELD Mandate is slated to go into effect on December 18, 2017. At that time, inspectors will be able to issue citations to drivers who do not comply with ELD regulations. As of April 1, 2018, inspectors will start issuing out of service orders to drivers who fail to comply with ELD regulations.

The CVSA notes that a “grandfathered” automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) will be considered an acceptable alternative to an ELD until December 16, 2019. After that date, AOBRDs are no longer acceptable and drivers must make the switch to an FMCSA approved ELD device.

The delay in issuing out of service orders for ELD violations will not impact the CVSA’s enforcement of other violations.

Delay Intended To Minimize Supply Chain Disruption

In a letter to the FMCSA, the CVSA explained that the out of service enforcement delay is designed to minimize disruptions within the transportation industry:

Setting a new April 1, 2018 effective date for applying the ELD OOSC will provide the motor carrier industry, shippers and the roadside enforcement community with time to adjust to the new ELD requirement with minimal disruption to the delivery of goods.

The CVSA says that a “phased in” approach to enforcing major regulation changes has proven to be successful in the past.

While regulatory agencies move forward on industry-wide ELD implementation, support continues to grow in the House of Representatives for a bill that would delay the start date for the ELD Mandate by two years.

Click here to find out how you can join forces with OOIDA to show support for H.R. 3282, also known as the ELD Extension Act of 2017.


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