Tennessee Cargo Theft Ring Busted

A quick thinking delivery truck driver helped put a liquor thief behind bars in Minnesota yesterday.

The incident happened just before noon in downtown Minneapolis.

The truck driver went inside of a Haskell’s to make a delivery. When he came back out, he found a 47 year old man in the back of his truck trying to steal liquor.

The driver quickly locked the man in the back of his truck and called the police.

The man was locked in the truck for about 5 minutes before police arrived.

The would-be thief, Mark D. Erickson, was arrested and charged with tampering with a motor vehicle.

Haskell’s co-owner Beau Farrell praised the bravery of the delivery truck driver: “If it were me, I would have sat down and had me a cold one.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune
Fox 9

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