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Dog riding on the back of a tow truck


In Dallas, Texas, a tow truck driver’s dog riding on the back of the truck on Interstate 30 was caught on video.

There have been varied reactions to this video; however, the tow truck driver, Bubba Bingham, says that his dog likes to ride in the back of the truck.

Bingham commented in the video saying, “It’s not against the law to have my dog on the back of my truck in Texas.”

According to WFAA, workers with Dallas Animal Services say transporting an animal in that fashion is not allowed in Dallas.

Gabi Vannini, a spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services, said, ”It’s really not safe, and there actually is an ordinance in the City of Dallas against that.”

She also went on to say that having a dog on an open or flatbed vehicle is illegal in the City of Dallas, according to Section 7-3.5.

Bingham, the tow truck driver, counters the outrage against this video saying the dog had a 3 point harness.

In the video, you can clearly see that the dog is harnessed to the truck, but that the dog is also riding very close the edge of the bed.

Drivers near the tow truck can be heard yelling at Bingham to get his dog inside.

There is now a petition online petitioning the police to become involved.

An official report has not been filed.


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