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The Trump administration’s Department of Transportation has announced that it has assembled a “Regulatory Reform Task Force” (RRFT) to help eliminate the burdens of regulations, particularly those pushed though at the end of the Obama administration.

Task Force To Target Unnecessary, Job-Killing Regulations

According to a DOT press release, the RRFT is tasked with enforcing an early executive order signed by Trump designed to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulations. The RRFT will be taking a hard look at the “midnight rules” issued near the end of Obama’s presidency, which include the speed limiter mandate and the Entry-Level Driver Training rule.

The Entry-Level Driver Training rule has already been delayed three times because of Trump’s executive order.

DOT Deputy Secretary Jeffrey Rosen has been chosen to lead the RRFT in the role of the Regulatory Reform Officer. As leader of the DOT’s RRFT, Rosen’s job is to identify regulations that hurt job growth, are unnecessary or ineffective, or that impose costs that exceed the benefits of the regulation.

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