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Floridians fill their bellies after train vs. semi truck crash spills meat


Christmas came early for Florida residents who are snapping up beef and chicken that was spilled when a train collided with a semi truck, splitting it in half, this morning.

Train Collision Leads To Massive Meat Spill

The crash happened around midnight in Lakeland when a truck hauling boxes of frozen meats for the Colorado Meat and Seafood Company stalled on the train tracks on Ingram Avenue.

The truck driver left the truck and attempted to contact the authorities to stop the train, according to Fox 13, but the attempt was unsuccessful. A train hauling 48 loads of mixed freight and 17 empty cars slammed into the stalled semi, breaking it in half and spilling tons of frozen meat all over the train tracks and the roadway.

No injuries were reported.

The train did not derail and was cleared to move just before 6 a.m.

Residents Salvage Spilled Meat Products

After the Colorado Meat and Seafood Company said that they did not want their spilled meat products, crews working to clean up the crash started tossing boxes of frozen food in dumpsters. That’s when local Floridians started to show up to salvage some of the spilled meat for themselves.

Resident Jessie Woulard said, “People are hungry. Some people are so hungry they’ll wash it off. Everybody needs something. It’s Christmas.

People were allowed to pick through the spilled meat for about an hour before authorities shooed them away to continue the cleanup process.

Typically, authorities discourage people from eating food spilled in truck crashes. Notably, in Dekalb County, Alabama, in 2015, the DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency took to Facebook after a truck spilled a load of cheese, warning residents “as result of the incident, the cheese product has been declared salvaged and not fit for human consumption. Please do not consume the cheese products at this time.”


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