The FMCSA has ordered Alabama trucking company J & L Trucking to immediately cease all operations following a head-on crash that claimed two lives.

The fatal crash happened on March 28, 2017. According to the FMCSA, a J & L Trucking driver crossed the center line of Alabama Highway 13 and crashed head-on with a passenger vehicle. Both occupants of the passenger vehicle died as a result of the crash. After the crash, the truck driver admitted to police that he had fallen asleep.

The post crash investigation uncovered numerous violations, including that the driver in crash did not have a valid medical certificate and was unable to produce the previous 7 days record-of-duty statuses. They also found worn tires and grease and oil leaks on the crashed truck. Other violations include:

  • J & L Trucking was not able to produce any proof of maintenance or inspection records.
  • During the company’s past 12 roadside inspections, 9 trucks were ordered out of service. J & L Trucking was unable to prove that the mechanical defects that sidelined their vehicles had been properly repaired.
  • Investigators say that the company failed to comply with hours of service regulations and could not produce any records of duty status for two drivers.
  • One of the company’s drivers told investigators he wasn’t sure how to fill out a log book.
  • The company failed to comply with driver certification requirements: “J & L Trucking officials could not produce any driver qualification file with the requisite employment application, medical certificate, driver road test certificate, state motor vehicle record, prior employer inquiry or record of violations.

J & L Trucking operated two trucks with three drivers prior to the out of service order, which was served on April 24.



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