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Did you get a ticket for an ELD violation? OOIDA wants to hear about it.


The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has announced that they want member truck drivers who receive citations for ELD violations to send in copies of their tickets in order to ensure that the regulation is being enforced fairly.

OOIDA To Collect Citations To Ensure Fair ELD Regulation Enforcement

OOIDA argues that the hasty implementation of the ELD Mandate has left numerous questions unanswered, so they want copies of citations handed out for ELD violations to ensure that enforcement is consistent state by state. The association notes, “we know that there will be plenty of confusion and discrepancies regarding enforcement. OOIDA is monitoring state enforcement activities and collecting data accordingly.

ELD violation tickets can be mailed to [email protected]. OOIDA’s Mike Matousek says that drivers may scan their tickets or send in photos. OOIDA asks drivers to also include contact information like an email address and phone number along with the citations.

Matousek indicates that OOIDA has already heard complaints about inconsistent ELD regulation enforcement: “OOIDA is being flooded with complaints about inconsistencies in enforcement, to the point we have grave doubts about any prep work FMCSA may have done or any control over their state partners they may have. We’ve been questioning the agency’s readiness for a long time.

You can learn more about OOIDA’s efforts by clicking here.



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