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Good Samaritans Hold Trapped Trucker’s Head Out Of Water After Crash Off Bridge


A dump truck driver is still alive thanks to the quick action of one Good Samaritan and one police officer who helped hold his head out of the water when this truck crashed off of a bridge into a pond.

Driver Trapped In Submerged Dump Truck

The crash happened around 7 a.m. today in Rochester, Massachusetts. Authorities say that a 73 year old truck driver was crossing the Hiller Street Bridge when his dump truck reportedly blew a tire, causing it to crash off of the bridge into a pond.

The truck came to rest on its side in the pond, trapping the injured truck driver inside.

Two witnesses to the crash, a Rochester Police officer and a Good Samaritan, went into the water and held the driver’s head above the water until rescue crews arrived on the scene. Rochester Fire Department Chief Scott Weigel says the two men deserve credit for saving the truck driver’s life.

It was definitely the difference between him surviving and not surviving –them being able to keep his head above water,” Weigel told local news station WHDH.

After 40 minutes, the Rochester Fire Department was able to extract the truck driver.

He was transported to the hospital and he is listed in serious condition.

The crash is still under investigation.




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