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Group Calls For National “Day Without A Trucker” Protest


A recently formed online group has called for a national day of protest to bring awareness to truck drivers who have lost their lives to violence while on the job.

The group “Trucker Lives Matter” has chosen September 5, 2017, for their “Day Without A Trucker” protest.

Organizers are calling for truckers to take the day off and to head to Washington D.C. for a memorial procession to honor workers in the interstate transportation industry who have lost their lives.

TLM says that they also hope that the procession will raise awareness about truck driver self defense and gun rights, because they say that “currently, the patchwork of state laws and lack of nationwide reciprocity for firearms permits puts truckers in precarious if not dangerous life threatening-situations.

The group organizers say that the shooting death of Wilmer Erazo in Houston earlier this week spurred them to take action.

The group so far believes that hundreds of truck drivers are already planning to attend the event in Washington. TLM spokesman James Lamb says that he is working with local law enforcement to plan a safe and successful demonstration: “We are today establishing a planning committee and will seek the assistance of law enforcement so that the memorial procession, which will have a religious component to it in furtherance of truckers’ First Amendment rights, does not unreasonably impede traffic, create havoc for people trying to enter or exit the interstate, or encourage tail-gaiting. We would encourage residents of Washington, D.C. to consider taking public rail transportation to get to work on September 5th as we do not know how many truckers will respond to the call to join our national memorial procession.

You can learn more about the memorial procession by visiting the Trucker Lives Matter Facebook page.


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