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Do you know the difference between AOBRDs and ELDs?


Take a look at this chart to see the differences between AOBRDs and ELDs.

An AOBRD is an automatic onboarding recording device that connects to a vehicle’s engine to record hours of service; whereas, ELDs are electronic logging device that connects to a CMVs electronic control module (ECM).

AOBRDs are similar to ELDs in that they record driving data; however, ELDS record more and detailed information. AOBRDs record date and time, engine hours, vehicles miles, drive times, locations and duty status. An ELD also records date and time, engine hours, vehicles miles, drive times, locations, and duty status – but also identifying information on driver or user, motor carrier, and vehicle. ELDs also keep a record of logging in and out, engine on and off, and malfunctions.

The location of a driver is monitored differently by each device as well. An AOBRD records during each change of duty status and can be entered manually. Oppositely, an ELD records one’s location automatically when there is a change in duty, at 60 minutes intervals, when the engine is turned on and off, and all start and end of yard moves and personal conveyance. An ELD can more accurately pinpoint your location compared to an AOBRD – ELDs locate drivers within 1 mile when on-duty driving and within 10 miles when in personal conveyance.

The ability to change recorded data also differs between each device. When making a change in an AOBRD record the edit history will reflect when and by whom the edit was made. This edit history is not made immediately available. When altering the log of an ELD, the edit history records who made the edit and when and all edits require an annotation. Further, the ELD automatically recorded events cannot be changed, they can only be annotated. DOT inspectors readily have access to any edit or annotation made.

When using an ELD there is no way to edit driving time; versus, with an AOBRD driving time can be changed when the change is to record the correct driver’s driving time.



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