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Lytx to offer 360 degree video view to keep an eye on drivers and trucks


Lytx has announced that starting in 2018, they’ll be offering a new video service that will “eliminate fleet and operations blindspots” with the use of a camera system capable of recording 360 degrees both inside and outside of the truck.

Operations Managers To “Virtually Be In A Vehicle”

The The Lytx Video Services program slated to debut next year uses a combination of cloud-connected cameras and the new new Lytx ER-SF64 event recorder to make it possible for “fleet and operations managers to virtually be in a vehicle or in the field when it matters most — and up to a week later.”

From a release from Lytx about the coming video service:

Imagine having a video camera rolling at the exact time when cargo was stolen. Or when a rookie driver takes a $150,000 truck out alone for the first time. Or when that passenger claimed to slip and fall. Or when a ready-mix concrete truck arrived to pour, but the customer wasn’t ready. Or when a waste driver arrives to find a customer’s bins overloaded…again.

Lytx says that the new video system will improve fleet operations by allowing managers to use video to evaluate driving and non-driving factors. They also argue that the new system can help uncover new revenue generating opportunities and even protect trucking companies who in a “he said, she said” situation.

Here are a few details on the system features:

  • A driver-facing lens that captures only 12- or 20-second exception-based video clips, triggered when a driving event occurs, such as a hard brake or a sudden swerve.
  • An outside lens that has continually recording video plus the option to livestream video to your location when you need to see what’s happening in real time.
  • An onboard, cloud-connected digital video recorder (DVR) with a 64-gigabyte memory – enough to store video for about a week’s worth of vehicle operations.
  • The advanced sensors used by other Lytx event recorders to capture critical data about driving events, including accelerometers to detect speed, gyroscopes to detect motion, and GPS to detect location.
  • Easy connections to third-party PAL- or NTSC-based cameras, including those already installed on client vehicles, enabling 360-degree views in and around the vehicle. With the addition of a small piece of hardware called the Lytx Hub™, the Lytx Video Services program can accommodate up to 12 additional camera views – four cameras per hub, and 3 hubs per vehicle – as well as the ER-SF64.



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