A New York man is facing serious charges for damaging a milk truck because of a long-standing parking dispute with the truck’s driver.

Twenty year old Nathan W. Burry of Attica has been charged with Felony Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree, Criminal Tampering and Reckless Endangerment to Property.

The charges against Burry stem from an incident last week. According to Attica police, on April 17, Burry damaged the brake lines, the air lines, the air bag, and the wiring harness of a Walton Milk Hauling truck parked in the lot of the apartment complex where Burry resides. The cost of the damage was estimated at nearly $2000.

According to Police Chief Dean Hendershott, Burry was angry that the truck was parked in the lot and decided to take matters into his own hands: “The driver had parked his tractor in the lot of the apartments and Burry didn’t like it. We never received any complaints from him.

Burry is scheduled to appear in court to answer for the charges on June 12.

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