Home Laws & Regulations Michigan Raises Speed Limits For Cars And Trucks

Michigan Raises Speed Limits For Cars And Trucks

Michigan Raises Speed Limits For Cars And Trucks

Michigan lawmakers have enacted new legislation that will allow both passenger and commercial vehicle drivers to increase their speed on many of the state’s highways.

Truck Speed Limits Dependent on Car Speed Limits

The increased speed limits were signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder in January. The law raises the maximum speed limit for commercial vehicles from 60 to 65 m.p.h. on many of the state roads.

From the Michigan Department of Transportation on truck speed limits:

New legislation (Public Act 455 of 2016) has been approved by the governor and enacted into law on January 5, 2017.  The act amends the Michigan Vehicle Code, section 257.627, permitting a truck, a truck-tractor, or a truck-tractor with a semi-trailer or trailer to operate at a speed not to exceed 65 mph on a freeway, where the posted speed limit is greater than 65 miles per hour.  This amendatory act takes effect immediately.

Michigan will also raise the speed limit for passenger vehicles on many highways as of May 1. The speed limits will be bumped up for motorists to 75 m.p.h. on 600 miles of Michigan roads. The speed limit for passenger vehicle driver will also increase 10 m.p.h. to 65 m.p.h. on another 900 miles of highways.

MDOT has started posting new signage reflecting the speed limit increases. They plan to have all of the signs up by November.

For more specific information on where the speed limits will increase, check out MDOT’s chart below.

[su_document url=”http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mdot/MDOT_ProposedRoutesSpreadsheet_558270_7.pdf” width=”700″]Trucker’s Letter To Paul Ryan In Washington[/su_document]


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