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MSP Reminds Truckers To Remove Snow From Rigs


The Minnesota State Patrol has issued a reminder to truck drivers that it is their responsibility to remove snow from their trucks before they hit the road.

Today the Minnesota State Patrol posted photos of a truck with snow accumulation on Facebook, along with a cautionary tale about the trucker who was ticketed for a “loose load.”

The post has ignited serious debate on the MSP Facebook page about snow removal.

This trooper should know better than to cite the driver- if you ever noticed trailers (such as tankers) that are meant to be climbed up on have permanently installed ladders and guardrails, van trailers and reefers don’t. A fall from 14′ could easily be fatal to the driver. Not only could this driver beat this citation, he could sue the trooper for putting him in harms way by making him climb on top of the trailer,” argues Facebook user David Voigt.

As a professional driver it is our responsibility however I don’t carry a ladder so the only way to get up on the roof is to hire someone to come out & clean it off. That’s usually a tow company so it’s not cheap… Simple fix would be to have roof sweep systems at some place in every industrial park, rest area, truck stop…” wrote Jason Alan Markert. Facebook user Shannon McGovern believes that a snow rake is the solution:

No more excuses for the truckers… Google “a better snow rake” they’re sold all over for like $50. And may save a life!


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