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Driver crashes into Indiana overpass on first day of trucking


This truck driver’s first day of work did not go quite as he planned; only moments after leaving the supervision of his trainer, he crashed into an 11′ 8″ bridge.

Rookie Trucker Has Tough First Day

Rookie Trucker's Bad Day

He got stuck under a bridge on the Indianapolis’ south side Tuesday morning.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to the intersection of Pagoda Drive and E. Pleasant Run Parkway at approximately midnight.

The overpass carried a set of train tracks. It is unclear at this time whether the train tracks were damaged in the accident.

ABC 15 reported that the overpass has been struck several times by tractor-trailers in recent weeks.

The truck driver was not injured.

Overpass Crashes Are Increasingly Common

To the truck driver’s defense, there are many videos online that feature trucks that have run into 11′ 8″ bridges.

A Bad First Day Of Trucking — But Not The Worst

This driver was not the first to have a terrible first day of trucking. Earlier this year, this truck driver also ran into a bridge on his first day of work. This bridge was only 11′ 6″.

The incident happened just after 10 a.m. in the city of Tonawanda, New York. Twenty-four-year-old Canadian truck driver Kirisanthan Senathi crashed into the Young Street CSX bridge, which is clearly marked with signs stating that the clearance is 11’6″. No injuries were reported, but the crash did serious damage to Senathi’s truck.

And in 2015, a gas tanker driver was arrested for DUI on his “first day” of driving.

According to a press release from CHP entitled “Disaster Averted,” the incident began on Northbound Highway 101 near Cloverdale. Police received multiple calls about a tanker truck driving erratically. The calls said the truck was weaving and nearly left the road.

Police determined that Foster was under the influence of methamphetamine, painkillers, and a muscle relaxer.


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