App Provides Voice Assistance To Help Drivers Comply With ELD Mandate

An app called Dock411 allows truckers to access valuable information to help them be better prepared when they pick up or drop off a load.

App Helps You Save Time And Money By Giving You The Dock Info You Need

The Dock411 app was designed with help from the Women In Trucking Association. It’s designed to make life easier for truck drivers by allowing them to access information about a dock location by simply typing in the address.

According to the app’s developers, “The goal of Dock411 is to make a driver’s stops faster, easier, safer, and less frustrating by showing them details about their stops before they get there. By simply entering the dock address into the app, a driver can read what the company and other drivers have written about it, including details like dock door location, yard hazards, photos of the facility, the ability to park overnight, whether pets are allowed, and up to thirty-five other items. After the stop, drivers can add details about their own experience.

Shippers are also encouraged to enter their own dock information into the app.

Download The App For Free

The app is free to download. Learn more about it by clicking here, or download the app using the buttons below.

Get the Dock411 app for Apple devices on iTunes. Get the Dock411 app for Android devices at the Google Play Store.

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