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New Site Allows Truckers To Donate Rejected Food To Local Food Banks


A newly launched website gives truckers the opportunity to donate rejected food products to food banks in the Indianapolis area.

The website “Indy Food Drop” was launched with help from the Indiana Motor Truck Association.

As many truck drivers already know, a load of food that is rejected is often perfectly good to eat. A grocery store or distributor could reject an entire load or produce because of a few blemishes or because of accidental duplicate orders.

Because truck drivers have deadlines to meet, many are forced to dump the load, leaving good food to go to waste.

The Indy Food Drop site creators think that they have found a solution that will help food banks feed the hungry while quickly taking rejected food off of a truck driver’s hands.

The group’s website promises their trucker donors speedy in and out access and help in unloading the food.

Indy Food Drop Donation Guidelines

Dry, frozen and refrigerated foods are all acceptable
Retail commercial products are preferred
Non-bulk and bulk items are accepted
Product seals must not be broken
Ingredients and dating must be listed on food products

Barb Hunt of the Indiana Motor Truck Association hopes that the central location of the food drop will encourage more drivers to donate: “We’re the crossroads of America. Up to a million trucks go through the state every day. We’re saying, ‘We’ll get your freight off quickly and use it to feed the hungry.’



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