Last week a winter storm prompted New York State authorities to issue a travel ban restricting truck traffic on numerous highways and interstates — but it seems that many truck drivers did not comply.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued the travel ban in response to a Monday night snow storm. Tandem trailers were banned from the New York State Thruway as well as I-81, I-84, I-86/Route 17, and I-88. The travel ban was not completely lifted until late on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a report from ABC 13 New York, numerous truck drivers chose not to obey the travel ban.

New York State Police say that they helped to enforce the governor’s ban by issuing truck drivers over 200 citations statewide for various violations, including disobeying the travel ban. The State Police did not have exact numbers on exactly how many tractor trailers were ticketed specifically for violating the travel ban.

It isn’t clear whether police will use EZ Pass records to determine which trucks violated the travel ban.

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