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Oregon DOT shares tips on trucking over Siskiyou Summit


Southern Oregon’s Siskiyou Summit is the highest elevation on Interstate 5 from Mexico to Canada. This newly produced video by the Oregon Department of Transportation emphasizes the importance of being prepared during inclement weather when traveling the 136-mile mountainous portion between Redding, California, and Ashland, Oregon, on I-5.

Oregon DOT representatives state that managing the Siskiyou pass is different than managing a typical summit mainly because of the volume of traffic.

In winter months, when the road is covered in snow Oregon DOT recognizes this pass as a priority in order to get the roads to bare pavement. 

Oregon DOT admits that sometimes all the tools they employ to improve roadway conditions aren’t always guaranteed effective because of the rate of snowfall.

Because the snowfall can be so rapid in southern Oregon, ODOT does have a chain requirement. They recognize that this chain requirement does slow traffic and can be a major safety issue for truck drivers and the public.

This video warns that traffic can be backed up for miles in the coming snowy months. Here you can see trucks lined for miles, all the way into residential areas:

Please be advised when traveling in Southern Oregon that you could be sitting in this long line of trucks for hours.

ODOT advises drivers to come equipped with food, water, blankets, a full tank of gas, and of course your chains.


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