An organization called Keep Highways Safe has published a list of the 25 trucking companies that they deem to be the most dangerous in the state of Pennsylvania.

The team behind Keep Highways Safe is, not surprisingly, a team of lawyers from the firm Solnick & Associates who say that they want to “bring improved accountability to the commercial trucking industry.” In a press release, organizational founder and attorneys Jay Solnik notes “In more cases than not, human error and failure to fully comply with FMCSA guidelines and regulations lead to deadly consequences on America’s roadways. The truth is most large truck accidents can easily be avoided by commercial drivers practicing good judgment and following federal rules” (Most people in the trucking industry know that the statistics for who is at fault in car vs. truck crashes would seem to contradict this statement).

The Keep Highways Safe list sorts trucking companies by the number of fatality crashes and the number of injury crashes that they were involved in in the state of Pennsylvania. These lists do not appear to take into account who was at fault in the crashes.

You can take a look at the Keep Highways Safe lists of the most dangerous trucking companies in the table below.

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