Home Trucking News Plane Clips Semi, Embeds Landing Gear In Trailer

Plane Clips Semi, Embeds Landing Gear In Trailer

Plane Clips Semi, Embeds Landing Gear In Trailer

A truck driver traveling through Ohio got an unusual surprise when a small plane clipped his truck and partially embedded its landing gear in his trailer.

The incident happened yesterday around 4 p.m. in Fremont. Driver Russell Street was headed north on Ohio 53 near the Fremont airport when a multi-engine 1978 Piper PA-23-250 plane piloted by 71 year old John Randall came in too low for landing. Unbeknownst to Street, the plane clipped his trailer and broke off part of its landing gear.

Randall was able to land the plane at the airport without landing gear, leaving 100 foot skid marks in the grass. He wasn’t injured during the landing.

Street pulled his rig over on the side of the road, thinking he had blown a tire. That’s when he spotted the plane’s landing gear sticking out of his trailer.

Authorities aren’t yet sure why the plane came in for landing so low, but they have speculated that the small aircraft hit a downdraft. Randall was on a practice flight when his aircraft struck the semi.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to begin an investigation into the incident today.


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