The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Roadcheck 2017 is just a few weeks away, so we thought we’d share this quick online driver training course to help you determine if you’re prepared.

The CVSA’s 72 hour inspection campaign will take place this year June 6 -8 throughout North America. During those three days, tens of thousands of trucks will be inspected and a significant percentage of trucks and drivers will be placed out of service for violations.

The Roadcheck training course is offered by Staymetrics and digital education provider Luma. The course uses “a combination of video, animation, text, audio and interactive game elements that cater to the unique learning preferences and learning culture of truck drivers.” The course only takes about five minutes and provides drivers with a nice refresher on what to expect during Roadcheck, with special emphasis on both Level I inspections and on this year’s emphasis — cargo securement. The course is free and doesn’t require a login.

You can take the quick refresher course by clicking here.

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