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Recruiting is like dating. It’s best done in person.

Recruiting is like dating. It’s best done in person.

What do dating and recruiting have in common? They’re best done in person. At least, that’s what Miller Transporters thinks. And that’s the reason this bulk tanker carrier out of Jackson, MS, regularly hosts on-site recruiting events.

“We use all the online tools we can to find drivers—job boards, Google ads, Facebook, you name it,” says Miller Recruiter, Chris Harbin. “But they only get you so far. It’s a lot like online dating. You find someone. They seem to be a good match, but you can’t know for sure until you get off the computer and actually meet. That’s when it gets real.

Get up close and personal.

For recruiters and drivers, that need to meet goes both ways. “Drivers are just as curious—and let’s face it, cautious—as we are. They see lots of companies claiming lots of things, but what’s the reality? These recruiting events let us find out. To have a genuine conversation, and a better one than you can have online or even on the phone.”

The next event, scheduled for August 23rd to 26th in Memphis, will let prospective drivers see Miller’s staff, equipment, and facility. “It’s right here at the terminal, not a hotel conference room or convention center. So drivers get to see the real who, what, and where,” says Chris.

Miller is hoping for a big turnout because they have a big need for drivers in Memphis. “We’re growing, and to keep up, we’ve got to bring on more drivers. It’s a good problem for us to have, and it’s also a good opportunity for company drivers and owner operators, both.”

Ready to meet your match?

If you’re interested in attending the Memphis event and meeting the Miller team in person, you can visit http://www.millerdriving.com/memphis-tn or give them a call at 877.679.0904.


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