New Mexico Puts Nearly 400 Truckers Out Of Service During Roadcheck

The New Mexico State Police have released the results from this year’s CVSA truck inspection campaign.

New Mexico Roadcheck Places Hundreds Of Truckers Out Of Service

During the 2017 Roadcheck campaign held June 6 – 8, CVSA certified inspectors screened commercial vehicles throughout the state of New Mexico. Here are the highlights of the New Mexico Roadcheck campaign

  • In a 72 hour time period, 1643 trucks were inspected. 
  • 338 commercial vehicles were placed out of service for safety violations.
  • 62 truck drivers were placed out of service for various violations. 
  • At least 270 citations were issued.
  • 6 people were arrested.

We’ll bring you more results from Roadcheck 2017 as they start to come in during the coming weeks and months.

More than 1.5 million truck inspections have been performed during Roadcheck during the campaign’s 30 year history.

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