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Rhode Island Issues Biggest Traffic Ticket In State History For Oversized Load Violation


Rhode Island State Police Commercial Enforcement Unit has issued a record-breaking $57,000 citation to a trucking company that was caught transporting a 560,524 pound generator without the proper permits.

Permit Issues Sideline Superload For Days

The massive generator was being hauled by Bay Crane Northeast when it was stopped on Route 4 on June 27. Because there weren’t proper permits for the load, the 16 axle truck was left on the side of the road for days before it was moved to a parking lot. The truck remained in the parking lot for several more days before it was allowed to continue on its journey.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Bay Crane Northeast did apply for a permit to move the oversized load through the state, but the permit was still pending at the time that the truck was pulled over on June 27.

Citation Believed To Be Biggest In State History

After an investigation by the Rhode Island State Police Commercial Enforcement Unit, Bay Crane was used a $57,000 fine for the incident. According to the Rhode Island Department of Public Safety, “This is believed to be the largest fine ever issued for a motor vehicle violation in Rhode Island.”

Bay Crane was also ordered to appear before the Traffic Tribunal on August 31.


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