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Colorado trooper gives four wheelers advice on how to drive around trucks


Colorado State Trooper Josh Lewis has made a name for himself by creating snarky videos that also offer seriously smart driving tips — and now he’s taking on car drivers who don’t seem to understand how to share the road with semi trucks.

Trooper Lewis says that he made the video after professional drivers reached out to ask him to share some tips for four wheelers on how to drive safely around trucks.

Here are some of the major safety tip takeaways from the video.

  • Bad things tend to happen to people who don’t drive well around commercial motor vehicles.
  • Try to remember that a semi truck operates very differently from a passenger vehicle.
  • If you cut off a semi truck, it can’t stop or maneuver the way that you can in your Kia Rio.
  • Bad road conditions make stopping and maneuvering even harder for trucks.
  • Never ever pass on the right if you can help it.
  • Don’t hang out in a truck’s blind spots.
  • Whoever is at fault, if you’re involved in a crash with a semi truck, you’re more likely to be killed as a result.
  • Have some courtesy.

Many Facebook users expressed gratitude toward Trooper Lewis for taking the time to talk about driving safely around trucks.

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