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Senator Chuck Schumer opens fire against proposed gun reciprocity law


Senator Chuck Schumer is criticizing proposed legislation that would allow Americans to carry concealed firearms into more restrictive states like New York — and could wind up “disarming truck drivers for their whole trip.”

This proposed gun reciprocity law would override states with looser gun laws in order for individuals in outside states to travel with their concealed carry from another state without issue.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act states that gun permits would become more like driver’s licenses. According to AM New York, a permit valid in one state would be valid in all American jurisdictions.

Schumer commented on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act saying, “the height of absurdity and arrogance” that a lawmaker in a state “where there are no standards” can effectively set gun policy for a largely populated place like New York City.

He then added, “This means that our laws are abdicated. This is about the lowest I’ve seen.”

“Let our New York police determine who needs a gun, not the state of Wyoming. … I think New Yorkers have a lot more faith in their police than in a NRA-owned legislator.”

This legislation has been proposed to prevent travelers from facing felony charges for carrying a gun that they are permitted to carry in another state.

Without this legislation, a person carrying a gun in New York – without license reciprocity – could face 3 and a half years in prison and be charged with a felony gun possession charge.

The state of New York has much higher restrictions when it comes to obtaining a concealed carry permit compared to other states in the US. New York does not grant such a permit to anyone that is not a current or former law enforcement officers, certain security guards and those who can demonstrate a fear of danger.

Under the proposed legislation, in a state of reciprocity, an individual must carry both a valid photo ID and a concealed carry permit from their home state.

A big issue in the trucking industry is truck driver safety. There are many dialogues discussing the pros and cons of truck drivers carrying guns; however, more often than not truck drivers advocate for state reciprocity when it comes to concealed carry.

John R. Lott Jr., a researcher and gun rights advocate, commented, “Truck drivers may be carrying valuable cargo from New Hampshire to Ohio. [New York’s restrictive laws] could disarm them through their whole trip.”

According to AM New York, “Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro said his boss’ office believes the legislation has a good chance of being voted on because the NRA called for it in its statement condemning the Las Vegas shooting, which left nearly 60 people dead and hundreds more injured.”

Gun control is such a hot topic in the media since the Las Vegas shooting that legislators voting on the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act in the coming weeks could prove to be detrimental.

The NYPD and each 5 elected district attorneys have voiced their opposition to the bill.

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