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Startup Uses Truck Driver’s Social Media To Predict “Problems With Hiring”


A Chicago-based startup promises to help trucking companies hire the right drivers in part by using data from a trucker’s social media profiles.

The Enlistics: Trucking platform is designed as a one-stop way for companies to hire drivers, allowing them to apply online and go through traditional background checks automatically.

Enlistics bills itself as a low cost way to reduce driver turnover in part because the company uses social media data to weed out “problems with hiring.”

From the Enlistics website’s “Pilot Program” page:

Enlistics:Trucking predicts job success better than resumes and interviews using social media data. By comparing applicants to known-good and bad truckers, Enlistics can instantly determine whether an applicant is likely to turn over in the next 12 months.

On the Enlistics website’s “How It Works” page, the company asserts that “Social media data lets us find the right fit for your business.” Enlistics seems to argue that drivers willfully misrepresent themselves during job interviews and personality tests: “Job interviews, personality tests, and word associations are all gameable. Applicants act how they want you to see them.

In order to get around this, Enlistics proposes a “Social Solution”: “Everything from “likes” to posts and friends tell us how an applicant will act outside a suit and tie job interview.” This seems to indicate that Enlistics does a deep dive on your social media feed to look for potential trouble.

Enlistics promises that they use an algorithm rather than personal review of a driver’s social media information and that “applicant social media information will be kept completely private and secure so employers will see no personal information.

You can check out the Enlistics site for yourself here.


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