A new study took a look at the issues that forced female truck drivers to leave their jobs.

The study from Stay Metrics used data collected during an annual survey of both male and female truck drivers. Though only 6% of truck drivers are women, their role in the trucking industry will become more important as older drivers retire and freight volumes rise.

According to Stay Metrics CEO Tim Hindes, “We consistently find that women drivers expect to be paid the same, to have equal opportunities, and to be treated with the same level of respect for doing the same job as male drivers. This research offers new insights into the relationship between women’s experiences and their propensity to leave a carrier.”

Top 14 Reasons Why Female Truck Drivers Quit

1.    Dissatisfaction with tractor 
2.    Dissatisfaction with compensation for deadhead miles 
3.    Dissatisfaction with hours worked 
4.    Inadequate preparation during orientation for driving at this carrier 
5.    Lack of respect at carrier’s facilities 
6.    Dissatisfaction with Maintenance Department 
7.    Work experiences don’t match pre-hire job expectations
8.    Dissatisfaction with frequency of maintenance done on equipment 
9.    Dissatisfaction with dispatcher 
10.    Dissatisfaction with pay 
11.    Not getting enough miles 
12.    Dissatisfaction with the respect my carrier shows me 
13.    Work is not steady enough 
14.    Desire to switch my dispatcher

Stay Metrics says that the reasons for quitting that female drivers have in common with male drivers are numbers 2, 8, 9 and 14.

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