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Supreme Court Rejects OOIDA’s Attempt To Block ELD Mandate


This morning the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association announced that the U.S.  Supreme Court has declined to hear their arguments against the ELD Mandate.

OOIDA Loses Battle Against ELDs

We are extremely disappointed that the Supreme Court does not see the merit in reviewing our case with so many questions about its constitutionality,” said OOIDA President Jim Johnston.

The Supreme Court’s decision means that the December 18 compliance date for the ELD Mandate will be fully enforced.

OOIDA had hoped that the Supreme Court would agree with their argument that ELDs violate a truck driver’s Fourth Amendment rights protecting against unreasonable search and seizure. OOIDA has asked the Supreme Court to overturn a decision made by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit that upheld the ELD Mandate on the basis that it amounted to “warrentless surveillance.”

OOIDA also argued that ELD would not improve highway safety and would instead be another heavy burden on an already overly regulated industry. According to Johnston, “The mandate has everything to do with large, economically motivated entities using the government to impose their will on small businesses which comprise the majority of the trucking industry. Until the government is able to answer many fundamental and basic questions about the mandate, they should at least delay its implementation.

Organization Vows To Continue Fight Against ELDs

OOIDA says that they will continue to fight against the ELD Mandate, but their legal options appear to be exhausted. If you would like to join in their effort, you can contact your local lawmakers by clicking here.




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