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Swift “Short Mile” Class Action Suit Moves Forward


The Arizona Supreme Court has taken action that will allow an 80,000 member class action lawsuit against Swift Transportation to proceed.

Suit Alleges That Swift Failed To Pay Drivers For All Miles They Drove

The lawsuit filed in 2004 alleges that Swift shortchanged its drivers by using a mile calculation system that does not credit employees for the miles that they actually drive from one location to another.

The suit claims that drivers were shortchanged pay for up to 140 miles because of the calculation system. The class action members are seeking repayment for the unpaid miles.

The chart below included in the court documents is presented as evidence of “Swift’s uniform practice of shorting the drivers.”

Swift Short Miles Class Action Suit

Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Allows Suit To Proceed

In July of 2015, an Arizona court stalled the lawsuit by decertifying the class. An appeals court reversed that decision, and on January 10, 2017, the Arizona Supreme Court denied review of the reversal, clearing the way for the suit to go to trial.

Drivers who were employed by Swift from 1998 until the present date and were paid by the mile could be eligible to join the class action suit.

You can learn more about the class action suit here.

[su_document url=”https://www.hbsslaw.com/uploads/case_downloads/files/case_pdfs/Swift%20Transportation/Swift%20Transportation%20Complaint%20-%20web.pdf” width=”700″]Trucker’s Letter To Paul Ryan In Washington[/su_document]


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