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Tesla releases another teaser image of new electric truck


Tesla just sent out invitations to their launch event of the Tesla Truck to be held in Hawthorne, California on November 16, 2017. With the invitations was a new teaser image of the truck.

The invitations look like this:

The debut of the truck had already been delayed from September to October 26. Now Elon Musk, Telsa CEO, has moved the release date back to November 16th, 2017.

Tesla is now calling the truck ‘The Tesla Truck’ instead of the ‘Tesla Semi’ like it has been called until this point.

Aside from the design and Musk teasing a few record-breaking specs in terms of torque and handling, not much is known about Tesla’s latest product, according to Electreck.

Since the release of the Tesla truck has been delayed a number of times, it can only be expected that the competition would jump to release their prototypes first. Companies like Cummins and Daimler both recently released their prototype version of an electric truck, while VW announced a $1.7 billion investment to begin electric engineering of their own.

Read more about Cummins electric truck here.

Read more about Daimler electric truck here.

Although the release event for Tesla will only unveil a prototype of the truck, Tesla has intentions of producing the Tesla Truck at full volume within the next 2 years.

Further, something ‘unannounced’ is to be revealed at the event – Musk teased in a shareholders meeting this summer.


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