A truck driver and a motorist are lucky to be alive after distracted driving caused a serious head-on crash in New Jersey yesterday.

Texting Car Driver Crashes Head On With Semi Truck

The crash happened just after 1 p.m. in South Brunswick Township. According to the South Brunswick Township Police Department, 33 year old motorist Pava Dama was driving a passenger vehicle westbound when he became distracted by texting and crossed the double yellow lines and crashed head on with an eastbound semi truck.

Texting Car Driver Crashes Head On With Semi Truck

According to police, “The crash ruptured the tractor trailer’s fuel tanks and spilled diesel fuel over the roadway. The force of the crash ripped the Volkswagen’s engine out of the car onto the roadway 20 feet away.

Neither Dama nor 68 year old truck driver Waldemar Borkowski were hurt in the crash.

Police say witnesses reported seeing Dama’s vehicle swerving prior to the crash. Dama was charged with careless driving, failure to maintain lane, crossing double yellow line, and use of wireless cellphone while operating a motor vehicle.

South Brunswick Township Police Chief Raymond Hayducka noted that the crash should never have happened: “It is a miracle that neither driver was seriously injured or killed as a result of this driver texting. This crash was entirely preventable. I am not sure what was so critical in a text message that would allow you to take your eyes off the road and hit a tractor trailer head on.

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