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Thor Trucks drops photos of electric semi prototype


Thor Trucks, a California startup trucking manufacturing company, just released photos of their battery-powered electric semi prototype.

Thor Trucks is the creation of Dakota Semler – who used to help run a trucking company comprised of a fleet of diesel semis. Semler had to walk away from his other trucking company after being crushed by the weight of EPA regulations and financial misfortune.

Semler stayed up to date with the electric truck industry over the years and finally was able to unveil a prototype of his own. Last year, everything fell into place and Semler was able to begin development. His vision for the Class 8 semi the short haul vocational segment.


Thor Trucking’s prototype is outfitted with an electric motor from TM4 located between the cab and the fifth wheel hitch. This truck is powered by a pack of commodity 21700 battery cells. The truck features streamlined bodywork fronted by a bold, shark nose grille.

Although the truck is a work in progress, the aerodynamic style of this truck is sure to stay.


In order to get this prototype up and running, Thor Trucks plans to work with established suppliers and manufacturers – not necessarily the same onse that helped construct the prototype – to develop and bring this design a reality.

Semler says conversations with several fleet partners interested in getting on board and scaling up their electrified operations with Thor are underway. Currently, Thor has 18 employees.

The goal is to offer trucks ranging from 100 to 300 miles hauling a full load of prices starting at $150,000 in 2019. Tesla also plans to unveil their electric truck priced at $150,000 with a 300-mile range. Both companies should qualify for up to $110,000 in vouchers from California’s zero-emissions incentive program for heavy-duty trucks.


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