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Three truck drivers have rescued over one thousand people in Houston


Nick Sheridan is one of the truck drivers that is driving his rig throughout South Texas to rescue stranded people and animals following Hurricane Harvey.

Sheridan is an owner-operator that lives in Dawson, Texas.

He drove over 200 miles from home to help the rescue efforts.

Sheridan told Good Morning America, “It’s been something I hope I never experience again just because it’s hard to see.”

“We worked together. We drove through the streets in teams so that if one of us got stuck we had each other to keep moving because you can’t see where the gullies are. One of the tractor trailers went into one and almost rolled over so I used the front of my truck to pull him out of the gully because you can’t see where the curves are. It’s tough.”

“My whole life I’ve kind of been in that civil service role, but being on my own gave me the ability to go where they needed me rather than be stationed to go direct traffic on a street corner or something like that,” he said. “I was really able to put my equipment to use here being a freelance rescuer.”

In deeper water, small boats retrieved the stranded individuals and brought them to more shallow water where Sheridan waited with his flatbed.

He posted on his Facebook page that along with rescuing over 1,000 people, he and the 2 other drivers have rescued over 50 dogs. Two of which have become members of his own family.

On Monday, Sheridan received a call from Katy Texas Fire Department requesting assistance in rescuing thousands of more people that are stuck.


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