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Train Hits Truck, Causes Ice Cream Apocalypse

Train Hits Truck, Causes Ice Cream Apocalypse

This morning was not so sweet for one truck driver when a train crashed into his trailer and spilled a huge load of frozen treats onto the ground.

The incident happened around 11 a.m. in Le Mars, Iowa near the Wells Enterprises ice cream plant.

According to Le Mars Fire Chief David Schipper, “The semi was waiting to get onto [Highway] 75 and a train started coming and the gates came down on top of him and the train hit him. He didn’t even see it or I guess he thought he was crepted out far enough.”

Police report that the crossing arms and lights were activated before the crash.

The incident is under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.

The truck driver was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. No other injuries were reported.

Shipper said that ice cream and trailer parts extended the length of a city block from the site of the crash.

The value of the lost ice cream is estimated at $50,000.

The LeMars fire chief says that this is the third train-truck collision at that intersection in the past seven years.


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