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Truck driver and longshoreman in fistfight after driver waits for hours


A truck driver, Moses Cordova, and a longshoreman in the Port of Los Angeles got into a fist fight over how long it was taking to unload his truck.

Cordova had been waiting for hours at the port before voicing his frustration. He recalls asking the longshoreman, “Hey! Why is it taking so damn long to get my canister?”

Cordova said he had been waiting for hours.

It was at that point, the 2 men began arguing. The conversation quickly took a nasty turn as each man was undoubtedly losing patience.

Cordova told CBS, “As he’s coming towards me, he bumps my chest, and I push him back.”

According to Cordova, the longshoreman initiated physical contact first.

The longshoreman then threw 2 punches at the truck driver before the driver began fighting back.

Another driver nearby, who wishes to remain anonymous, caught the fight on video.

The second driver commented on the incident saying, “I don’t think it’s right. We are all there for the same purpose – to get our job done, and we have families to support. I do wish we start treating each other with more respect.

The witness driver also agreed that wait times were longer than normal.

He then added, “Thing is – we can’t say anything back because we are scared they will retaliate by getting us out of port or threaten to kick us out for life.”

Cordova did call 911; however, when law enforcement arrived neither man was arrested.

Neither party wished to file a police report at the time, but now Cordova wishes he had. This incident left him feeling like he, the truck driver, did not get the justice that he deserved.


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