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Truck driver fined thousands for getting stuck on Smugglers Notch


A truck driver has been fined over $2,000 after his tractor-trailer got stuck on the tight turns of Vermont Mountain, more commonly known as Smugglers Notch.

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According to local police, the driver became stuck on the Cambridge side of the Notch early Monday morning.

Currently, Smugglers Notch is closed for the winter because it is too narrow and windy to allow safe passage.

Despite signs warning the truck driver that large trucks are forbidden in the notch, he/she entered anyway.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, several trucks get stuck every year. The recovery process for stuck trucks is not only time consuming, but also expensive.

A Vermont State Police press release states, “The operator of the commercial vehicle was issued several tickets including one for a violation of Title 23 VSA 1006b(b); Commercial vehicles prohibited on Smuggler’s Notch segment of VT RT 108/Impeding the flow of traffic, carrying a fine amount of $2,347.00.”

In this case, the truck was successfully recovered with minimal damage.

Last year, the state increased the fines for the trucks that get stuck in the notch. Drivers, please be aware.

The notch was reopened to traffic after several hours of closure.

If you’re not familiar with the Notch, take a look at the video below. This footage captured in 2014 shows you just how tough it can be for a trucker who finds himself on stuck on Smuggler’s Notch.

In 2016, the state of Vermont increased the fine for truck drivers caught using Smugglers Notch from $162 to $1000 for truckers caught using the road and $2000 if their rig impedes the flow of traffic.


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