A truck driver lost his life this morning when he was hit by a train while unloading his truck at a feedlot in California.

Police were called to the A.L. Gilbert Company in Keyes just after 7 a.m. Sixty-four year old truck driver Miguel Vigil Ruelas was unloading at the feedlot, which is adjacent to the Union Pacific train tracks. The feed lot employees noticed that they had not seen Ruelas for some time and went to look for him.

The employees found Ruelas’s truck on the feed lot, still mostly full. They continued searching for him and eventually found his body near the railroad tracks. Ruelas was pronounced dead at the scene.

The train did not stop after it hit Ruelas.

No witnesses to the collision have come forward at this time.

It isn’t clear why the train didn’t stop or why Ruelas was on the railroad tracks.

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