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Truck driver loses hundreds after finding driving job online


A man from Shreveport, Louisiana, truck driver Jay Lamothe, is warning fellow truck drivers to do their homework before finding a job online, according to a report from KTBS.

Lamothe has been driving trucks for over 10 years, and recently he took a job with R.E.K. Express after finding the job on Indeed.com. This new position promised him a new truck, state of the art equipment, and prompt pay, but Lamothe says that the company did not fulfill the promises.

According to Lamothe, after arriving at the location of his new job in Elkhart, Indiana, he began to voice his concerns that the company was not delivering on promises that were made. The company quickly told Lamothe that he would have to fund his own $800 flight home if he continued to voice his concerns.

He decided to take the job regardless of his previous concerns, instead of paying for his own flight home.

Now, Lamothe is facing different problems since he says that he has yet to be paid by R.E.K. Express for work that he has completed.

Lamothe told KTBS, “This company, every time I ask them how I get paid, they gave me some kind of excuse. Like, ‘we will discuss it later’ or ‘when you come back to South Bend we will try to get you paid’. There was no honesty. There was no real explanation.”

“I have made 3 deliveries and I have yet to receive any payments. And when I ask about payments I was a nuisance. So it seemed to me that they were looking for a truck driver to do their job for free.”

Lamothe further explained, “The trucks were old and I asked when the new trucks were going to be there, they didn’t have an answer. The logs were also not what they said they were going to be, just everything was not what they said.”

This should not only be a lesson to Lamothe but also to all truck drivers – be careful who you work for.


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