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Truck driver pepper sprayed at intersection


In Salisbury, Maryland on Wednesday morning, a tractor-trailer driver was on the receiving end of a road rage incident.

The incident was reported to Salisbury Police as having occurred at the intersection of Jake Alexander Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue.

The truck driver, Tyreese Bradley, explained to police that moments before he was pepper sprayed, he was cut off by a man driving a green pickup truck. Bradley was pulling into the left lane to make a turn when the pickup truck driver cut him off.

Bradley was forced to slam on his brakes and was thankfully able to come to a stop. He blew his horn to let the pickup driver know the dangerous situation he caused.

At the next intersection, Bradley was sitting next to the green pickup that was in the lane beside him. Bradley then decided to curse at the inconsiderate driver, asking why he cut him off.

According to the Salisbury Post, the pickup truck driver called Bradley a racial slur and Bradley called the man a “cracker.”

The pickup truck driver then reached for pepper spray as he warned Bradley he was about to spray him. The driver then sprayed the pepper spray out his window and into the window of the cab.

According to police, the only description Bradley was able to give was a white male in his 40s, driving a green pickup and who had “bad teeth.”


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