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Truck driver wins $4 million after buying lottery ticket at truck stop


A truck driver, Mark Clark, 47, was shocked to win $4 million last Friday when he arrived at the 127 Party Store in Hudson, Michigan.

“Every time I start to talk about winning, I know if I don’t laugh I’ll cry because I’m so happy to have had such good fortune and to be able to retire securely someday and take care of my family,” Clark said.

Clark won the $4 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire’s Club instant game. Clark is not sure how he feels about winning the lottery – he didn’t even know he won so much money when he first scratched off the ticket.

“I deliver fuel to the 127 Party Store every day, and on Friday I stopped to buy a Millionaire’s Club ticket on my way out the door,” said Clark. “I always just scratch the barcode off and scan it to see if it’s a winner. This time, the ticket said to see the clerk, so I handed it to the store’s owner.

He scanned the ticket and told me I’d have to go to the Lottery to claim the prize. As we were talking, he scratched the rest of the ticket and then looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said: ‘Mark, you just won $4 million!'”

Right after finding out his good fortune, Clark took the fuel truck he was driving back to the shop and had to immediately go and tell his family.

“I gathered my family in the house and called my aunt on the phone,” said Clark. “When I told them all the good news, they couldn’t believe it and were so happy for me. It’s been an overwhelming experience.”

On Wednesday, Clark visited the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing to claim his prize.

With the money, Clark says he plans to buy new vehicles for himself and his son, a bass boat and of course give his family a spectacular Christmas.


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